Black Truffle Box


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This box contains the following:

Black Truffle Oil

The truffle oil is an olive oil base. It can be combined with a good quality wine vinegar to make a lovely dressing.  Black truffle oil tends to have some garlicky notes.

The salt can be used on anything from green beans to popcorn. It is wonderful drizzle on pasta, or pizza.

Fleur de Sel with French Black Truffle

This is a wonderful truffle product. This Delicate and sweet fleur de sel is mixed with the renown black French truffle from Périgord.

This truffle salt can be used on meat and foie gras, as well as popcorn,eggs or soup. It is a very versatile product.

This salt comes in a beautiful black ceramic pot with a cork top.

Truffle Honey 

It is a delicately flavoured honey, sweet and surprising, thanks to the truffle’s heaven scent. With its noble ingredients, this preparation is a genuine symbol of French soils’ know-how and a true gift for epicures. Harvested in France, with traditional beekeeping methods, acacia honey is very delicate and matches perfectly with the truffle’s sophistication. Made with 3% of black truffle pieces, it can be tasted raw on toast or with cheeses like brie or brillat-savarin. It also matches perfectly with exceptional dish such as foie gras or duck breast.

Wooden Spoon

Acacia wood spoon