SEAcuterie Box


The newest trend in boards - Seacuterie board!

This Box Contains:

Squid in olive oil

Octopus in olive oil

Organic capers from Portugal

Spanish green olives stuffed with lemons.

Large Bag of gourmet Wasabi Potato chips

Ontario Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Thai curry - to sprinkle or make a THAI CURRY MAYO (Recipe Below)

Sicilian Sea Salt with Lemon

We have octopus, and squid in olive oil. Organic capers for that salt, briny hit.Add some lemon stuffed olives and some crunchy wasabi chips for texture. And then add Ontario jalapeño hot sauce for dipping and some Thai curry mayo (recipe to follow)*

Voilà a SEAcuterie board.

Get a dozen oysters, or buy some smoked salmon, maybe grill some scallops, grab a baguette and a snacky meal is born.


1/2 cup mayo

2 Tbsp Thai curry

Mix them together until well blended.


GIFT WRAP is tissue paper with a gold sticker.

GIFT BOX is a solid cardboard box with filling and ribbon.