Summer Barbecue Rubs


BBQ Rub (90g) - This rub smells and tastes like summer grilling. It can be used on vegetables, on meat, and on fish ( especially shrimp and salmon). It can also be made into sauce - watch the video here

Steak Rub (90g) - A delicious combination on steak, but equally delicious on chicken. Try it on cabbage steaks as well.

Chicken Rub (85g) - This rub is prefect for chicken breasts or wings. You can use the same technique to make a sauce as with the BBQ rub. HINT -Try it with mango juice instead of pineapple!

Fish Rub ( 80g) - This bright, lemony fish rub is great on any seafood, chicken or pork. It can be put in mayonnaise as a sauce for grilled fish, or put on the fish directly. Try it on salmon.

Chimichurri (50g) - One of my summer favourites. This smoky, herby, spicy blend adds flavour to mayonnaise as a dip, meat as a rub, it is great on eggplant and portobello mushrooms for grilling. Argentinian tri tip steak is also delicious.

These rubs contain no salt or sugar or fillers. To use them as a dry rub you should add kosher salt. You may also use these blends in marinades.

You can also buy a collection of 3 jars for $25 - BBQ, CHICKEN, & STEAK.