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Our delicate Organic  NUNEZ DE PRADO is one of Spain's most famous olive oils. Its' green, sweet flavour compliments any meal, while orange and lemongrass undertones make it stand out among other olive oils. It comes in one litre metal tin that keeps it fresh for longer.

These three delicious Organic CHOCOLATE BARS will satisfy any sweet tooth. The rich chocolate swirls with the unique flavours of Chili, Coconut, and Coffee. Try by itself or as a chocolate shaving on a dessert for a punchy finish. 

A bag of MALDON SALT is essential for anyone interested in cooking. It is considered to be less bitter, less salty of the salts, almost sweet with a signature zing as an aftertaste. It works best as a finishing salt—one sprinkles it on vegetables, butter, caramel, or grilled meat, just before serving.