Lost Meadows - Naked Bee Honey


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Naked Bee Honey  

Here are the offerings for now:

CREEMORE MEADOWS- RUNNY HONEY  Tasting notes: A mild honey with notes of cooked fruit and dates. Does not have an intense sweet flavour of some honeys. 

PORT SYDNEY CREAMED HONEY-  Tasting notes: A fruity start with notes of apples and pears, leading to a soft buttery finish. Melts in your mouth. 

The wild part, well that’s something a little different. Honey is a direct reflection of the flowers that the bees forage from, but also, the air, water and general purity of the area around the hive. We strive to find the wildest places, avoiding as many people, cars, agriculture, pollution and anything else that could possibly comprise the purity of the nectar by the bees. We want the bees to eat the purest honey, which results in you eating the purest honey as well. 


Greek Yogurt with Vanilla, Lemon, and Honey

Small 150 ml/Large 500 ml