FLAVOURED SUGARS - Rose, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Turmeric & Ginger.


We have blended 3 floral sugars, and some spiced sugars for the season. These can all be used to make simple syrups.


ROSE SUGAR - this sugar is great fro baking, topping cookies, and tea.


Vegetarian soup with spinach, chickpeas, and swiss chard

LAVENDER SUGAR - this sugar is great for glazing root vegetables, putting in earl grey tea, and adding whipping cream.

HIBISCUS SUGAR - this sugar is great for rimming cocktails, putting in any herbal tea, and adding in baking.


CINNAMON SUGAR - afternoon snack of cinnamon toast. Also, good in hot chocolate.

CARDAMOM SUGAR - Sprinkled on grapefruit, use in baking, in tea, and for lattes.

TURMERIC & GINGER - We have also added a little black pepper. This is for your golden lattes, your smoothies, or your sauteed veggies.