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NIGELLA -An heirloom brought to Northern Europe from Damascus c.1570. The seeds of this variety can be used for seasoning as well as a slightly spicy condiment. Feathery foliage, and light blue flowers followed by oval, papery seed pods with horns. This is a beautiful self seeding annual. Low growing and well suited to garden borders. Seed pods are gorgeous in dried flower arrangements.
Days to Maturity 95
Seeds per Pack 30

NASTURTIUMS - A great companion or ally plant for the garden. This flower has many uses and is a vibrant addition to a salad with its spicy undertones. Blooms are a range of red, orange, yellow and cream. Well suited to hanging baskets. Annual.

Edible Variety - Bloom Time is End of June to Frost

COSMOS SENSATION - This heirloom variety won the AAS in 1936. Beautiful white, pink, and burgundy flowers on single stalks make this an excellent choice for a cut flower garden. We like to place it towards the back of our flower beds for dramatic height. Plants can reach 4’ tall. Great for pollinators.
Days to maturity 85
Seeds Per Pack 30
1 gram
5 grams
Germination Rate: 91%

CALENDULA -A wonderful, edible flower that produces orange flowers all season and self seeds easily. Will continue to produce flowers through the first few frosts of fall. This particular variety produces high amounts of resin and is well suited for medicinal use.
Seeds per pack: 50
Germination Rate: 98%

BACHELOR'S BUTTONSThis flower is simply lovely with its soft colours and feathery foliage. We like to use it as a border plant in rasied beds as well as an attractor for beneficial insects. Flowers are a delicate addition to salads and deserts. Be sure to pinch finished flowers as this will promote blooming all season long. A strong self seeder and easy to collect seed from. Blue, pink, lavender, dark purple and white are in this mix.
Seeds per pack: 50
Germination Rate: 98%