Matchbox HERB Seeds


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THYME - A hardier and more gently flavoured cousin of French Thyme. This variety tends to grow larger and last longer in the garden. Light purple flowers also act as attractants to pollinators.
Seeds per pack: 25

SAGE - Hardy to -34 C if covered, tolerant of poor soil and drought. When started from seed can take up to 2 years to reach full maturity. Silver green leaves on cascading branches produce beautiful small purple flowers that are much loved by pollinators. Leaves hold wonderful flavour for marinades, stews and soups. Perennial
Seeds per pack: 25
Germination Rate: 96%

BASIL SWEET - A staple in any tomato sauce or summer salad, this variety just doesn't quit! Beautiful, large green leaves and lovely aroma. Annual
Seeds per pack: 150
Germination Rate: 96% 

PARSLEY - A cool season biennial, this parsely produces dark green leaves on strong bushy plants. History of this variety dates back to the ancient Greeks. Excellent flavour both fresh and dried and a wonderful addition to flavour almost any meal. Parsley can take up to 3 weeks to germinate, so be patient!
Seeds per pack: 100
Germination Rate: 93%

SORREL - An edible perennial with citrusy leaves reaching up to 8" long. Excellent in soups and stews or for braising. Beautiful flower stocks as well.
Days to Maturity 45 baby
Seeds Per Pack 50

OREGANO -This "true" Oregano is found in the mountains of Greece. Commonly used in many dishes such as tomato sauces, stews, pizza and casseroles. Tender perennial tolerant to light frosts. Perennial

LEMON BALM-A perennial herb with citrus flavours. This broad leafed plant is excellent for teas and salads. Attracting pollinators to the garden, this herb also provides medicinal benefits with it anti-viral properties. Used as a gentle treatment for colic, upset stomach. It also acts as a calming herb helpful for soothing frayed nerves.
Seed Per Pack: 50
Germination Rate: 94%
Days to Maturity:60

CILANTRO - Fast grower and slow to bolt in warmer weather. Great for attracting bees and other pollinators when flowering. A warm season annual that self seeds. W recommend successive plantings every two weeks in order have cilantro all season.
Seeds per pack: 150
Germination Rate: 83%