Matchbox VEGETABLE Seeds



BUTTERHEAD BAQUIEU LETTUCE- Our first butterhead variety to grow in trial for years. This variety was a beautiful surprise. Wonderful mild and buttery flavour, compact heads pack a lot of leaf in a little package. Excellent spring and fall variety. French Heirloom
Days to Maturity: 55
Seed Per Pack: 200
Germination Rate: 93%

GOLD RUSH LETTUCE- Lime green leaves have deeply cut margins and plant is extremely curly and crinkled. Wonderful sweet flavour. This variety holds well into the summer heat and is quite a crowd pleaser.
Days to maturity: 25 for baby leaf
55 for mature leaf
Seeds per pack: 300 seeds

BULL'S HEART TORONTO- A wonderful dark pink, heart shaped tomato. This variety produces abundant, large fruit great for cooking. This tomato is susceptible to cracking so be sure to harvest a few days before fully ripe. Excellent flavour when cooked.
Days to Maturity: 85
Seeds Per Pack: 25 seeds
Germination Rate: 98%

BEEFSTEAK  ANANAS NOIRE TOMATO -A beautiful and delicious tomato. This variety was developed by Pascal Moreau, a horticulturist from Belgium. The multi-coloured, fruit are green, yellow and purple weighing up 1 1/2 lbs. The flesh is bright green with deep red streaks. Heavy yielding indeterminate plant. This tomato is another great one for my favourite - tomato sandwiches!
Days to Maturity: 85
Seeds Per Pack: 25
Germination Rate: 93%

GREEN ZEBRA TOMATO - Originally created by Tom Wagner in 1983, its lovely appearance and unique flavour make this a variety worth growing. Bright green, zebra patterned skin turns to a golden tone when ripe. Good flavour with slightly higher acidity makes this a great tomato for salsa. I like to use this variety with Sub- Arct Maxi and Gold Medal to create a breathtaking nacho topping. Indeterminate
Days to maturity: 75 - 80
Seeds per pack: 25 seeds
Germination Rate: 93%

BLACK SEA MAN TOMATO - A Russian heirloom, this is the first black tomato I’ve grown in years, and I’m so impressed! Gorgeous black shouldered and deep pink and brown fruit can reach up to a pound in size, however they average 10 oz. Incredible flavour, perfect for tomato salad. Early producer, determinate.

Days to Maturity 75
Seeds per pack 25 Seeds
Germination Rate: 98%

GOLD MEDAL TOMATO - One of my favourite tomatoes over the years. Renamed in 1976, originally known as Ruby Gold. This variety displays vigorous growth and above average yield for such a large tomato, fruit can weigh up to 2 lbs each. Lovely appearance with yellow orange shoulders and a blush bottom that shows through out the centre of the tomato when sliced. Flavour is a perfect balance of sugar and acid, making this a wonderful fresh eating tomato. Great for tomato salad, or simply on a piece of bread with your favourite cheese. Indeterminate.

Days to maturity: 90
Seeds per pack: 25 seeds
Germination Rate: 97%

PEACH HABANERO CHILI PEPPER  HOT- A beautiful, heirloom hot pepper that ripens to a pinky peach colour. Great for fresh hot sauce. It's flavour holds hints of fruitiness, and packs a punch with its heat. Squat plants with a broad spread. Reliable, prolific production. Scoville Heat Scale - 315,000 units
Days To Maturity 85 - 100
Seeds Per Pack 25

BLACK HUNGARIAN CHILI PEPPER- A mildly hot pepper with nice flavour, this heirloom from Hungary is also a beautiful addition to the garden. Purple stalks produce dark green leaves and purple flowers on 36" tall plants. A prolific producer, the fruit reaches 3 - 4" long, striking dark purple that looks black, giving fruit well into the fall. A staple in our garden for years.
Days to maturity: 70 - 80
Seeds per pack: 25
Germination Rate: 87%

SCOTCH BONNET CHILI PEPPER - Squat, yellow fruit that come in clusters on bushy plants. This pepper needs a long season to mature, I don't usually harvest these until the late days of September here in Southern Ontario. This pepper has a lot of heat, but also great flavour with fruity undertones.
Days to Maturity: 90
Seeds Per Pack: 25
Germination Rate: 95%