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The Cottage BBQ 4

 Remember to add salt if you use these as traditional rubs.

Here are 4 different and versatile rubs for the cottage. Who wants to cook inside when you can BBQ everything!

Chimichurri Rub is great with beef ( mix it in the burger) or great with chicken. Mix it with maple syrup and use it on fish!

Toronto Steak Rub has some real depth of flavour that works well with any cut of meat. Steak rub can be used on grilled eggplant, and cabbage steaks!

Lamb Rub has rosemary, and mint and couldn't be a better pairing - try it with lamb burgers and chicken as well. Roast your new potatoes or other root veggies with this as well.

Kabob Rub has the sumac blended in with thyme and other spices, which go wonderfully well with salmon, and other fish or seafood, or any meat.