Tapped Out Maple Syrup

"When you boil sap, a substance called sugar sand is created. This is essentially mineral that crystallizes during the boiling process. This sugar sand is the main reason why all maple syrup is filtered. We filter on average four times. The main reason for this is to remove as much sugar sand as possible before we do our final filtering through a thick felt filter. The thick felt filter removes the cloudiness that is also present in the syrup. On occasion a very small amount of cloud may settle at the bottom of a finalized bottle, but it does not affect the taste, texture or quality of the maple syrup inside. When filtering, the syrup needs to be at its final sugar content. If filtering is done too early, and the syrup needs to boil more, the filtering process must be restarted. Conventional maple syrup is 66% sugar and Vermont Syrup is 67%. At Tapped Out, we don’t bottle below 68% and have had some batches go as high as 75% sugar content. This high sugar content helps to concentrate the flavours even more. "