On the SECOND day of Christmas The Spice Trader gave to me:


Hibiscus petals have a delicious floral, sour flavour.. When you add them to a sweet sugar you get amazing layers of yum!

You can toss vegetables with sugar and olive oil before roasting, or you can use this sugar to flavour your tea, or your popcorn.

Here is a Hibiscus Sugar Cube recipe - you can use these cubes for a champagne cocktail ( recipe below).

Hibiscus Sugar Cube Recipe

Add just enough water to make a wet sand texture with your sugar. if you squeeze it in your hand it should hold its shape. Not too wet or it will take a very long time to form a cube. You can either either get a mini ice cube mold, or simply pack it down in your smallest baking tray ( round or flat). Once it is packed down, take a very thin, sharp knife and cut it into cubes before it dries. Then leave it for 24 - 36 hours. You can bang the baking tray and then separate the cubes, or pop them out of the mold.

Champagne Cocktail

1 sugar cube

A couple of drops of bitters of your choice

1/4 ounce cognac or brandy

5 ounces of chilled sparkling wine