3 Honeys - A SLECTION

Mini Honey From Jamaica from Coffee Blossoms

The warm tropical flavour and viscosity of the Coffee Blossom Honey is a result of the nectar collected by honey bees from the beautiful and delicate coffee blossoms grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Flavour Notes: Earthy, Caramel and Floral


Mini Honey From France with 3% Truffle Pieces

Hédène's honey and black truffle preparation mixes the incredible sweetness of acacia honey and the powerful aromas of black truffle (tuber melanosporum). Refined and sweet, this truffle honey is 100% French.

It can be tasted raw on toast or with cheeses like brie or brillat-savarin. It also matches perfectly with exceptional dish such as foie gras or duck breast.


Mini Honey From Ontario Wild Flowers

Perfect for the chefs at home, it’s ideal for scooping out with a spoon to use in your tea or morning coffee, mixed into your favourite glazes, sauces, or dishes. Enjoy all the benefits of natural unpasteurized honey. An ideal partner for the serious chef and honey lovers.