3 Salts

Here is a delicious selection of salts!

3 plain salts:

Fiore di Sal - The western coast of Sicily, from Trapani to Marsala is one of the most fascinating places of our island. There are two Natural Reserves that extend into this area, the Oriented Natural Reserve of Saline di Trapani and Paceco and the Lagoon Reserve of Stagnone, in Marsala.

Charcoal Salt - a very small crunchy salt. This sea salt is blended with activated charcoal and is black. The crystal are small enough to crunch and they add great texture to meat and vegetables.

Sel Gris - from France. This crunchy texture salt from the clay ponds of the Altantic ocean. This salt sits below the fleur de sel and has a minerality and longer finish then its lighter cousin.