Fire & Smoke Box

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  • A creamy, buttery French olive oil that has a green, spicy finish AND a delightful smokiness. A complex and exquisite olive oil, it is cold smoked to 20ºC. Also considered a RAW* product, and can be used by those on a raw vegan diet to add sumptuous, rich, smoky flavours.This smokey olive oil from Haute Provence tastes great on everything from salads, vegetables, and meats. Especially yummy on soups and drizzled on noodles!
  • Our famous BBQ 2006 blend. This rub can be put on any meat before grilling, or mixed with ground beef to make delicious hamburgers! The rub can also be mixed with a little tomato ketchup & pineapple juice, and used as a great baste/marinade. It goes very well with salmon, shrimp and tofu.
  • Little wooden spoon