Cherry Balsamic

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This natural cherry flavoured balsamic glaze made form grape must and balsamic vinegar is rich, dark and thick like molasses, and infused with cherry and can be used on raw or steamed vegetables, fruits, salads, desserts, roasted & grilled meats, and cheese. 

They may also be used individually or in combination as a finishing glaze prior to removing meat from the heat or to prepare a unique vinaigrette to finish off an incredible salad. It pairs very well with lemon olive oil.

You can always add some to mayonnaise to top your burger or hot dog! Everyone loves a gourmet condiment.

Ingredients: concentrated grape must, balsamic vinegar of Modena 25% (wine vinegar, grape must), modification starch, cherry flavouring 2%

These balsamic glazes are made by the Leonardi family and produced in Modena, Italy. Since 1896 the Reale Family has been producing the highest quality aged balsamic vinegars in Modena Italy. 



220 ml