CUMIN seeds have been around for a very long time. Seeds were found in the tombs of Pharaohs, and it is one of the 8 ancient spices that was traded on the silk road.

It has a warm earthy aroma and flavour , and has undertones of both sweet, and bitter. Freshly ground CUMIN is very pungent and has a sweet, pine-like aroma.

Today, cumin is found to be an essential spice in many cuisines including: Mexican, Indian, Moroccan, Turkey, and so on.


CUMIN can be dry roasted to bring out a nuttiness, which does mute the top piney notes.  We recommend dry roasting small amounts as needed. The seeds will begin to lose their flavours more quickly after roasting. Be cautious and use this spice sparingly in your cooking, as it can overpower the dish.  

SPICE TIP: If a dish is over spiced with cumin, then add the same amount of ground CORIANDER SEED seed to help rebalance the dish!


Indian Spice Box (Whole)

Moroccan Spice Box (Whole)




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Net Weight - Whole 55g / Ground 44g