GIFT BOX - Matchbox HERB Seeds


BASIL /GENOVESE - Originally from the Genoa region of Italy, this basil is grown primarily for use in pesto. A great producer all season, excellent fresh or dried. Annual.

DILL BOUQUET - A compact plant with slightly sweeter leaves then other varieties. Low maintenance. Very attractive to bees when in bloom. A tender annual susceptible to light frosts. Self seeds easily. Requires full sun and shelter from strong winds.

PARSLEY /ITALIAN FLAT LEAF - A cool season biennial, this parsely produces dark green leaves on strong bushy plants. History of this variety dates back to the ancient Greeks. Excellent flavour both fresh and dried and a wonderful addition to flavour almost any meal. Parsely can take up to 3 weeks to germinate, so be patient!

CHIVES,ONION - A great addition to any garden! Chives are widely used for culinary purposes, you can even harvest the scapes and chop them up for sauces or soups. In our garden, I also use this plant for pest control as well as to attract more pollinating insects to the garden. An all around beneficial plant to have. Perennial

 CILANTRO - Fast grower and slow to bolt in warmer weather. Great for attracting bees and other pollinators when flowering. A warm season annual that self seeds. W recommend successive plantings every two weeks in order have cilantro all season.