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SCOTCH BONNET HOT PEPPER - Squat, yellow fruit that come in clusters on bushy plants. This pepper needs a long season to mature, I don't usually harvest these until the late days of September here in Southern Ontario. This pepper has a lot of heat, but also great flavour with fruity undertones.

SWEET-ORANGE BELL PEPPER - A rare heirloom variety, this bell pepper produces 3 lobed, 6” long fruit with medium thick walls. Excellent flavour for fresh eating. Plants have demonstrated a more squat growth habit, reach a height of 1-1 ½ ft tall. You can expect an average of 5 fruit per plant. Beautiful orange colour.

SWEET - BULL'S NOSE RED BELL PEPPER - An heirloom dating back to c. 1850 and grown in the Monticello Gardens of Thomas Jefferson, this variety is great for northern gardeners. heavy setting plants produce blocky green fruit that ripen to red. Can be eaten when green or left to ripen further to red.


PINK BERKLEY TIE-DYE - A newer variety from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in California, the Pink Berkeley Tie Dye produces beautiful large fruit on compact plants. Fruit size 8-12oz. Striking appearance with deep pink and metallic green striping. Preferred flavour over Cherokee Purple. Early producer for it’s size.

BULL'S HEART - A wonderful dark pink, heart shaped tomato. This variety produces abundant, large fruit great for cooking. This tomato is susceptible to cracking so be sure to harvest a few days before fully ripe. Excellent flavour when cooked.

RUMI BANJAAN - This heirloom hailing from Afghanistan, was discovered in 1936 and brought to the United States. It was little known in our region until Baker Creek Seeds put in a request to the USDA for seed. A wonderfully pretty, small fruited plant. Tomatoes average 2 1/2" in diameter and ripen to a mottled yellow/orange. Great flavour.


DR.WYCHES YELLOW -A fun plant to grow, this rare heirloom can grow quite large and bears heavy yields of 1 ½ “ - 2” fruit. We found this variety to be on the sweet side, and enjoyed using it in salsa, salads, omelettes, and more. Fruit takes on a lovely yellow tone when ripe. Holds well after harvest, be sure to stake plants with care.


RED RUSSIAN - Flat, non-curled leaves are deeply cut, dark green and purple veined. An excellent addition to salads when young. As a mature plant its flavour is mild and delightful, by far our favorite of the kale family. This variety is also a show stopper in the garden and a great addition whether in the flower bed or the vegetable patch.

LACINATO - Dating back to c. 1800, this heirloom variety hails from the Tuscany region of Italy. Commonly used in soups and stews, the leaves are a deep black-green and can reach 36" high with the drooping quality of a palm tree. The aesthetic quality of this plant lends itself to most any garden and the flavour is delightful.

CHARD RHUBARB RED - An old standard heirloom variety producing prolific leaves that can be harvested again and again. Cut the outer leaves when they have reached 10" or more and leave the smaller, inner leaves to be harvested later. We harvest once a week to keep the plants growing strong and filling our plates. Beautiful, hearty plant. Don't forget to use the stems, they add lovely colour to any sautee or stir fry.


BASIL, THAI - Fragrant, green leaves with purple stems and veins. Traditional basil used in Thai cooking.

BASIL GENOVESE - Originally from the Genoa region of Italy, this basil is grown primarily for use in pesto. A great producer all season, excellent fresh or dried. Annual.

OREGANO -This "true" Oregano is found in the mountains of Greece. Commonly used in many dishes such as tomato sauces, stews, pizza and casseroles. Tender perennial tolerant to light frosts. Perennial

PARSLEY -A cool season biennial, this parsely produces dark green leaves on strong bushy plants. History of this variety dates back to the ancient Greeks. Excellent flavour both fresh and dried and a wonderful addition to flavour almost any meal.

SAGE - Hardy to -34 C if covered, tolerant of poor soil and drought. When started from seed can take up to 2 years to reach full maturity. Silver green leaves on cascading branches produce beautiful small purple flowers that are much loved by pollinators. Leaves hold wonderful flavour for marinades, stews and soups. Perennial

CHIVES - A great addition to any garden! Chives are widely used for culinary purposes, you can even harvest the scapes and chop them up for sauces or soups. In our garden, I also use this plant for pest control as well as to attract more pollinating insects to the garden. An all around beneficial plant to have. Perennial


SPEARMINT - Classic mint. Versatile and prolific. This mint can be used in cocktails, teas, savoury, and sweet dishes. All mints are excellent for pollinators. This particular variety can be invasive so plant accordingly. Does well in containers.

PEPPERMINT- Great for teas, baking, or just a lovely smell as you brush by it in the garden. Excellent for pollinators as well.


CASPER EGGPLANT - Heavy production of 5 - 7" long, shiny, white eggplant. Another variety of eggplant that isn't bitter. Plants can grow up to 3ft tall and produce an abundance of fruit into mid fall. Versatile fruit for many uses. We tried it in ratatouille, eggplant parmesan, and more. Does not disappoint.

UDUMALAPET EGGPLANT- An heirloom eggplant hailing from India, we have been growing this variety for seven years now and it is yet to disappoint. Lovely purple and cream stripes, harvest when fruit is shiny.

DIAMOND  EGGPLANT- A reliable producer with great flavour. Fruit averages 9" long at harvest time with shiny, dark purple skin. Flesh is mild. Heavy producer. This eggplant comes out of Ukraine.


BACHELOR BUTTONS - This flower is simply lovely with its soft colours and feathery foliage. We like to use it as a border plant in raised beds as well as an attractor for beneficial insects. Flowers are a delicate addition to salads and deserts. Be sure to pinch finished flowers as this will promote blooming all season long. A strong self seeder and easy to collect seed from. Blue, pink, lavender, dark purple and white are in this mix.

CALENDULA, RESINA - A wonderful, edible flower that produces orange flowers all season and self seeds easily. Will continue to produce flowers through the first few frosts of fall. This particular variety produces high amounts of resin and is well suited for medicinal use.