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Fancy French Box

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This box contains the following

Chocolate covered Hazelnuts

The Domaine de Béquignol is a craft company created by Claude GINEBRE in 1972 in Carlux, small village of Perigord Noir.

In 1980, he started making chocolates by transposing its techniques of preparing fruit to confectionery. Of course, the “first born” of the range were dark chocolate nuts, the Nogaillou and the Harlequines.

Since then, they  strive to prepare products that are  good , original, and of quality:

  • Only Ingredients’vegetable origin : Our chocolate candies are made exclusively with raw materials of plant origin
  • Only from cocoa butter as fat : we do not use any other vegetable fat so no palm oil, nor any other.
  • The dark chocolate pure cocoa butter couverture has been selected for its high quality and refined taste.

Ingredients: dark chocolate 60% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier ( vanilla, soy lecitin), roasted HAZELNUTS 30%,sugar,cocoa powder, 

French Olive oil made with Black Olives

A.O.P Valée des Baux-de-Provence.

Olive varieties: Salonenque, Béruguette (Aglandau), Grossane & Verdale.

The process of creating this olive oil includes the tradition of storing olives about 48 hours under anaerobic conditions ( without air ), before extraction. This causes an evolution and a greater complexity of the aromas.This is one of THE most unique olive oils we carry. If you are an olive lover this with trill you taste buds. It really taste like a liquid black olive. It has a long, fruity finish and a rich mid-palate olive taste.

I recommend creating a dazzling dressing with a red wine vinegar or drizzling it on tuna, or pasta , or for bread dipping.

Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar

This red wine vinegar flavoured by the maceration of fresh raspberriers; created by a slow fermentation and aged in oak barrels for more than a year.

Laurent Agnes is an artisan; he has excelled at his craftsmanship throughout his 18 years of skill developments, and thanks to his previous life experience. He used to be a landscape gardener, a job that gave him extensive knowledge of plants, flowers and fruits.

He is very specific about the ingredients he picks. Oak barrels and time are his best allies to create his sublime products. Nine to twelve months are needed to produce Laurent Agnes vinegars. Tasting his vinegars is like re-discovering what vinegar should be like: a noble ingredient. They are ideal for any cuisine.