Royal EVOO

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This is a Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The Royal varietal is native to the Cazorla mountains in Spain. It had been cultivated for hundreds of years, but went out of fashion due to the difficulty of harvesting it. Over time this olive varietal suffered a drastic reduction in cultivation and it was close to disappearing.  We are thankful it is being picked and pressed once more, as it really has such a unique flavour!

It taste like you have just licked your lawn mower. The fresh, grassy, spicy flavours are very strong. It has intense fruitiness of green olives, and a complex mid palate flavour of herbs. First you get green apple, green banana, and almonds, and then you find bright notes  that remind you of lemon tree leaves. 

Monovarietal: Royal Olive

Uses: Pasta, vegetables, drizzle on fish or cheese, salad dressing with balsamic.