Sophisticated Salt Gift

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Scallop Bowl

It is little wonder that the beautifully shaped scallop shell has been featured throughout history in art, architecture and tableware.

Details. The finely detailed large Scallop Bowl with dainty periwinkle feet is ideal for sugar, salt, jams, jellies and other condiments. 

Twig Spoon
Designed to match with our Scallop Bowls for a perfect gift. These unique spoons will hold just the right amount of salt or other condiments to tempt your palette.


Our artisans carefully ladle hot, free-flowing molten pewter from the melting pot and capture it in a spinning mould formed from a wax sculpture carved in detail to mirror the original hand-drawn design. Once removed from the mould, each piece is carefully hand-finished in a process that ensures excellence in craftsmanship.

Fleur De Sel

This Fleur de Sel is from France and is considered 'the caviar of salt'. The white gold of Ile de Ré is reputed for being harvested in an extraordinarily well-preserved envirornment. This Fleur de Sel is the finest in the world and its delicate flavour comes from the natural source of magnesium and other trace minerals. This salt comes in a beautiful ceramic pot with a cork lid.


Fleur de Sel is very much a finishing salt. Use it at the table or on fruit salad. It is wonderful on a piece of dark chocolate!