Salt Box

Here is a delicious selection of salts!

 3 plain salts:

Himalayan Pink Salt - a finely ground salt that is a slightly mineral with a salty aftertaste. This is perfect for everyday.

Charcoal Salt - a very small crunchy salt. This sea salt is blended with activated charcoal and is black. The crystal are small enough to crunch and they add great texture to meat and vegetables.

Flor de Sal - from the Trepani salt ponds in Sicily. This salt has been harvested since Phoenician times. It has a lovely crunch and a slight sweet aftertaste.

3 blended or flavoured salts:

Hot Salt - this is great for adding a little kick. This grey salt is blended with chilis. Perfect to rim a cocktail glass

Smoked Salt - A smoky addition to any meal.

Salad Salt - this delicate, Italian Flor de Sal is blended with mint, basil, and orange peel. The wet salt pulls all the salty, citrus, and mint flavours together to create a great seasoning.