The 3 Muses

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This taster box of French olive oils and 1 artisanal vinegar has three 250 ml products of exquisite quality.

Nicolas Alziari Blue - The SOFT & FRUITY comes in a blue tin, and  is mellow and buttery and has a unique fruity flavour with a sweet finish. It is made from only the nicoise olive. This oil is perfect for a salad or for dipping.

Nicolas Alziari Red - The INTENSE & FRUITY(BIO) comes in a red tin and is a blend of olives. It has a round flavour, which is creamy, but with distinct green, fruity notes and a fruit forward aroma. This olive oil lends itself to a simple pasta, or drizzled on fish.

Raspberry Red Wine VinegarThis red wine vinegar is flavoured by the softening and soaking of fresh blackcurrants in wine vinegar; created by a slow fermentation and aged in oak barrels for more than a year.