Vanilla Vinegar


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Subtle and sweet, this vanilla vinegar makes it easy to season starters and dishes.

This bourbon vanilla vinegar is an exclusive and surprising seasoning that will enhance:

- Starters (seafood, scallops, cucumbers, tomatoes ...)

- The dishes (deglazing, fish, white meats ...)

- Salads (salads, mixed salads, tabbouleh ..)

Made by master vinegar maker Frédéric Chaix. The pump bottle allows easy and precise dosing of vinegar. To insert in all your salads. It will also accompany your daily cooking: grated carrots, artichoke heart, beetroot, avocado, tabbouleh, chicken breast, scallop deglazing.

The vinegar can also be diluted in water, still or sparkling, to make a refreshing summer drink.

Ingredients: alcohol vinegar, sugar, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar