5 words you didn't know you needed.

neil bougourd | 21 August, 2021

I can’t wait to kalsarikannit tonight. I will need to pick up some Wasabi Chips as a snack.

The Finnish phrase means to drink at home alone in your underwear. Translates as ‘underwear drunkenness’. A very useful pandemic word...

 I often shemomechama when we have Hibiscus,Pineapple Tacos with Salsa Verde.

This Georgian phrase refers to gorging yourself on a meal- keep eating, and eating, even after you're full. Translated as ‘I accidentally ate everything’. Obviously, you can use this at Thanksgiving.

 I noticed Jim is kummerspeck-ing. I guess he hasn’t gotten over his breakup. He eats a lot of Pasta with Bacon and Cream Sauce.

In German, this word means to gain weight while emotionally eating your way through a breakup. Translated as ‘grief bacon’. I feel that this can be used for emotionally eating your way through COVID - A general social break up...

We had a lovely sobremesa every night on vacation. Especially after eating Balsamic Strawberries with Maple Ricotta.

This Spanish word means lingering after a meal and starts after dessert is served. Translated as  ‘over the table’. There is nowhere to go after a backyard social,  so sobremesa to your heart's content.

I am serving Roasted Chickpeas with Curry as my natmad.

A Danish word that means food served at the end of a party, so that guests do not go home hungry. Translated as ‘night food’. People are taking less public transport and need sustenance for their walk home.

While kummerspecking, I stopped kalsarikkanniting and had dinner parties where everyone was guilty of shemomechama, and after a lovely sobremesa I served natmad. 

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