What are polyphenols? and why should you care?

neil bougourd | 31 May, 2022

Polyphenols are known to be in OLIVE OIL, but they are also in SPICES

Read an excerpt from WEB MD, or do yourself a favour and click on the link for the whole article.

"Polyphenols are micronutrients that naturally occur in plants. They’re included in many supplements, though they’re also easy to get in your diet from foods like fruits, vegetables, teas, and spices.

There are more than 8,000 types of polyphenols, which include:

  • Flavonoids like quercitin and catechins in fruits
  • Polyphenolic amides like capsaicinoids in chili peppers
  • Phenolic acids like lignans and stilbenes in vegetables and whole grains
  • Others like resveratrol in red wine andellagic acid in berries

Studies show that polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. In this role, they prevent or reverse damage in your cells caused by aging, the environment, and your lifestyle. Over time, this damage is linked to an increased risk of many chronic disease."


It is pretty easy to add olive oil and spices to your daily diet! Check out our RECIPE section for inspiration.