Nunez de Prado - Organic EVOO


This is a beautiful product inside and out.

This extra virgin olive oil is light and fruity with a distinctive citrus note. It has a lovely sweet finish and pairs well with any vinegar. If you like a bit of history along with your liquid gold, try Nunez de Prado's beautiful oils. Seven generations of the same family have been crushing olives under granite wheels in the hills of Andalucia. Lovingly tended trees are raised organically, the olives are picked by hand, then pressed at the family's mill. The olives used are an estate field blend, including picuda, picual, and hojiblanca olives (though a total of 14 different varieties are present). 

Flavours of fruity olive, citrus, apples, and almonds. This oil has a very low acidity, giving it a very smooth, sweet finish. 


It is great on vegetables and in a salad dressing.

1 Litre