Nunez de Prado - The Flower of The Oil



The Núñez de Prado family's olive estates have produced premium extra virgin olive oil since 1795. This prestigious, award-winning oil is Flor de Aceite, or the Flower of the Oil.

Regarded as one of the finest, this handcrafted organic olive oil is packaged in individually numbered bottles. To produce this oil, handpicked olives are channeled through beveled chutes into an underground crusher where they are ground to mash by three-ton granite cones (tuned by a specialist before each season). From the crusher, the oily paste rides a conveyor to the Núñez de Prado's prized contraption, the Thermofilter, invented in the last century by the Marquis of Acapulco.

The Thermofilter consists of two giant stainless steel rollers covered in a tight wire mesh, one atop the other, which lift and turn at a snail's pace. Oil from the crushed olives drips by gravity, strained through tiny holes, and runs out through a trough at the bottom to a separate decantation system.

What results is non-pressed Flor de Aceite. Normally, a pressing yields a kilo of oil for every five kilos of olives; however, it takes eleven kilos of olives to make one kilo of Flor de Aceite. It is a robust oil dominated by the Picual olive, with green olive fruitiness and a touch of green apple. Excellent for salads, finishing and sautéing.