Organic farming can be defined as a system of agricultural production which depends exclusively on the available natural resources and whose aim is to obtain totally organic products. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to get rid of weeds or to control pests or diseases, only natural resources, which do no harm to the land and respect the environment. To produce organic olive oil, the olives must be completely healthy and at the point of optimal ripeness.

The olives must be pressed on the same day they are collected, as storage may adversely affect the quality of the oil. Once the oil has been extracted, it is stored in stainless steel vats under controlled conditions of light and temperature long enough for the impurities it may contain to be filtered away progressively, using only natural techniques.

PINK – Picual Olive - Aromas of green grass. Robust, with slightly bitter and peppery aftertaste. This is a great olive oil for salads and to drizzle on grilled or roasted vegetables.