BLACK OLIVES - Kalamata, and Nyons.


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KALAMATA IN OLIVE OIL - Hand harvested, these olives macerate for three months in brine, a family recipe passed down over many generations. The Kalamata olives are plump, show a dark purple colour and have an almond shape. Following processing, the polyphenol level remains high, which translate in a light bitter taste. Huge and fleshy, these olives are very popular as an appetizer. Garnished with some cumin, lemon and garlic, they are fantastic in any antipasto. Pitted, they may be used in a fresh pasta dish, on a pizza, as a tapenade, in salads, in a slow cooked meal, etc. Delicious and firm with the pit in, and marinating in olive oil. The oil can be used for salads, or on pasta.

NYONS- The Tanche variety of olives from Nyon are a specific shade of brown, almost black, and are finely wrinkled. They are hand-picked in November and December and then sorted according to their intended use. Olive oil is produced only from the smallest olives, while the bigger ones can be eaten on their own, as appetisers or used in salads or omelettes

The olives have a mildly salty and pleasantly bitter taste. They are commonly dry-cured in salt, to pull the moisture and bitterness out of them, and packed in olive oil. Olives noires de Nyons pair nicely with cheese, almonds, onions and a variety of spices.