Mignonette Pepper- Black & White Peppercorns

The name mignonette originally refereed to a bundles of peppercorns, cloves , and spices. Now it usually means just peppercorns. This is a mix of equal parts black and white peppercorns.

You can use this as a rub on large cuts of beef, chicken or lamb. As a rub we recommend using 1 tsp per pound of meat. This also adds delicious flavour to any thing you add black pepper to.


Our peppercorns have a lot of pIperine in the dried black pericarp. This gives the spicy, black pepper flavour that hits the front of the tongue.


The taste of white pepper is less spicy but hotter and more aromatic than black. White pepper is used when one wants the pepper bite without the fragrance of black pepper dominating the other flavours.

Large Bag / 210g