White Pepper


White Pepper comes from the same plant as Black Pepper. The nearly ripened berries are picked then soaked in running water for about 10 days. Their skins (pericarp) are then removed (left on for black pepper), and left to dry in the sun turning them a creamy white. If not properly dried they will mold producing a horrid old-sock smell. Many people dislike white pepper because they have experienced this.

White pepper has more of a bite than black with less of the warming notes of Black Pepper. White pepper is used when one wants the pepper bite without the fragrance of black pepper dominating the other flavours. It is often used in white sauces for its colour as well as its flavour.

White Pepper is a key ingredient in QUATRE ÉPICES, a popular French spice mix.

COLLECTIONS:  French Spice Collection (4 Spices)    French Flavour Box (8 Spices)

RECIPES: Singapore Noodles    Seafood Gumbo 


Net Weight - Whole 75g / Ground 60g