The Spice Trader Advent Calendar

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1 more than one thing, but better as a whole

2 it weaves flavour

3 do I drink it or spread it?

4 a drizzle helper

5 it lays a surprise on your tongue

6 a fruity chilly zing

7 a fruit juice- I love it.

8 one hates to overdress

9 new to us and to you

10 from my backyard?

11 salaries have changed and gotten hotter

12 South American saffron

13 Is it a herb? Is it a spice?

14 the jiggly, flavour of love

15 hola breakfast, lunch, and dinner

16 this needs to be hand pollinated in parts of the world

17 it sticks the sweet with the heat

18 I always want more

19 take this and make it that

20 dijon is made from this

21 after school or in the morning this is welcome on toast

22 Shrek would love this

23 and it is also very pretty to look at

24 how many travesti?