French Olive OilBox

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This box contains the following:

  • Another delicious French olive oil. This olive oil has an AOC designation and is from the Vallée des Baux de Provence. The aromas are those of raw artichoke, fresh grass… The flavour is light and the bitterness is slight, even non-existent.
  • HERBES DE PROVENCE (Herb de Provence) is a traditional mixture of dried herbs from the Provence region. Each herb adds its own unique characteristic to the blend. 
  • Fleur de Sel is from France and is considered 'the caviar of salt'. The white gold of Ile de Ré is reputed for being harvested in an extraordinarily well preserved  environment. This Fleur de Sel is the finest in the world and its delicate flavour comes from the natural source of magnesium and other trace minerals.
  • A great small serving spoon. This spoon is made of acacia wood and each one is slight unique.