French Salad Box

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This box contains the following

French Olive oil- ALZIARI RED

TheINTENSE & FRUITY(BIO) comes in a red tin and is a blend of olives. It has a round flavour, which is creamy, but with distinct green, fruity notes and a fruit forward aroma. This olive oil lends itself to a simple pasta, salad, or drizzled on fish. 

Champagne Vinegar 

Vinegar with a light golden colour and bright fresh fruit aroma, with a hint of minerality. Its sweet taste, featuring just a touch of acidity, reveals notes of pear and pie spices.

This is a delicate vinegar with fresh and fruity notes, made with chardonnay vinegar aged 6 months in oak casks and vinegar from the Champagne-Ardenne region.

The "champagne" name is protected by a designation of origin (PDO). Producers can use the name on their labels on the condition that their products include a certain percentage of champagne from France's Champagne region.