Horseradish Powder is what it says it is - pure ground Horseradish.  Simply add a little horseradish powder to sour cream or crème fraiche for a savoury and spicy sauce. For a biting and thick horseradish sauce, use 1 part powder with 1 part water. For a thinner sauce add some lemon juice, vinegar or plain yogurt. Because it is a powder it is particularly useful when adding to a dry rub, mixing with ground beef for great burgers or simply adding a litte to mashed potatoes for a bit of a twist to a old favourite.

SUGGESTED USES: It goes well with cold meats, and can be made into a dipping sauce for artichokes or a condiment for steak ( or a steak sandwich)  with the addition of mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt. Try adding it to your favourite dry rub for meat.

Net Weight - Powder 50g