Mini Olive Oils


Spain EVOO- Smooth and light with a crisp fruity finish.

Monovarietal - Arbequina olive. This olive oil can be used for almost anything. It marries well with ALL vinegars, can be used to make mayonnaise, or in baking. A great all around olive oil.

Italian EVOO- Grassy, buttery with a soft bitter finish.

A blend of 3 olives. Super on pasta, or drizzled on grilled vegetables. I love this rich flavour on a goat cheese salad. We use it for our Cesar Salad dressing. It is the prefect pairing with an aged balsamic vinegar.

PORTUGUESE EVOO - Green, nutty with a fresh spicy finish

Monovarietal - Chemlali olives GROWN ORGANICALLY. This is a new harvest oil full of bright fruity flavours. It can be used for drizzling, salads, dipping - everything. So, so, delicious.