Sunflower Box

This box contains the following:

The Flower of the Olive Oil

Oil from the crushed olives drips by gravity, strained through tiny holes, and runs out through a trough at the bottom to a separate decantation system.

What results is non-pressed Flor de Aceite. Normally, a pressing yields a kilo of oil for every five kilos of olives; however, it takes eleven kilos of olives to make one kilo of Flor de Aceite. It is a robust oil dominated by the Picual olive, with green olive fruitiness and a touch of green apple. Excellent for salads, finishing and sautéing. 

Purple Aged Balsamic from Modena

A great dark and shiny Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, with a sweet flavor edged by a pronounced sour bite. This vinegar by Acetaia Terra Del Tuono is made with a mixture of boiled and concentrated local grapes, with just the right small amount of good wine vinegar, then refined for a long time in oak barrels. A fragrant, delicate scent, fresh and young. Perfect for all dishes. Acetaia Terra del Tuono, loosely translated to "Land of Thunder Vinegar Estate", is a family-owned vinegar estate right in the middle of Reggio Emilia and Modena, the veritable balsamic Mecca of Italy.
Ingredients: Concentrated and slow cooked musts from Italian grapes, wine vinegar, contains sulphites. A 100% natural premium product, no food colorings, no thickening agents, no caramels, no preservatives are added.