Wiri Wiri Chili Pepper

In the northeastern sector of South America rests the small country of Guyana. This is where the relatively rare Guyana Pepper (also known as the Wiri Wiri pepper) comes from.

The Wiri Wiri pepper is known for its tomato-like appearance and delicious, tangy flavor. It is an essential ingredient when it comes to Guyanese cooking and makes for some extremely appetizing dishes.

The reason behind the versatility of the Wiri Wiri pepper is its wonderful taste. Not only does this pepper provide a hearty hit of heat, but it is also just as fruity, flavourful, and tangy. You could describe its flavour profile as something close to a Habanero pepper, or maybe even a tomato if you focus on the tanginess.

The sweet and spicy taste is what makes it such a good pepper to pair or fuse with Asian cuisine. You can use it to make some tangy sauces and sides.


9/10 on the heat scale.



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