Housekeeping Hints from Heloise - 1962

neil bougourd | 17 July, 2022

I found this sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying, but interestingly instructive book on my mother's bookshelf.

Heloise's Housekeeping Hints - is an out of print paperback from 1962 published by Pocket Books Inc.

There is this sage advice:

"Never worry about the necessities. Everybody must pay rent, taxes, and buy necessary foods. Accept the fact that you cannot escape these costs. Save your 'worry time' for the things you buy and don't need!"

And some hints in the kitchen corner I found useful:

  • "People have written advising the use of bay leaves to discourage weevils...I now believe this! I tried and it worked for me."
  • "A little salt sprinkled in the frying pan will keep fat or lard from spattering. This also makes cleaning the range easier."
  • "To keep lettuce and celery fresh longer, keep in paper bags rather than cellophane. Do not remove outside leaves of lettuce or celery until ready to use."
  • "Leftover baked potatoes may be reheated by dipping them in hot water and baking again in a moderate oven."
  • "I want to tell you about pepper mills. These are little gadgets for grinding fresh pepper - and, believe me, there's nothing like fresh pepper! You haven't tasted real seasoning until you own a pepper mill."
  • "When opening a can of food, always open the end of the can that has been next to the shelf (the bottom of the can). The heavy food that is at the bottom of the can will come out first because of its weight and the rest of the food will pour out easily, Besides, it's cleaner (no dust on top)."

There is also advice about using stale beer to set your hair, and using fine sandpaper to shave knots from your sweaters.  If you can find a copy you, will discover how best to iron the veils of hats, and how to dry your crinoline petticoats - it has something to do with an umbrella!

Happy Sunday.