What is FAT WASHING alcohol and how do you do it?

neil bougourd | 12 August, 2022

I had a bartender  explain FAT WASHING alcohol. I was fascinated!
It is a method of infusing flavour to your whisky, gin, tequila, vodka ...you get the idea.
Bitters have taken off over the years, and people use many of our spices to make their own bitters: vanilla, coriander, orange peel, juniper, lavender to name a very few.
BUT , what if you wanted to infuse with our orange olive oil  (it has an intense flavour of orange), or  our chill olive oil, or our  black olive evoo, or our organic Spanish olive oil that taste like you just mowed your lawn?

Click the link below to read how easy this method is:


Orange Olive Oil - fresh citrus gin cocktail
Chili Olive Oil - tequila with a bite
Black Olive EVOO - olive , olive, olive martini
Spanish Olive Oil - grassy vodka cocktail with lime
Smoked Olive Oil - smokier whisky on ice