Out with the Blahs!

neil bougourd | 01 March, 2023

This is the first year I have really FELT the February Blah Blah Blahs. I really could have spent days under the comforter/duvet, or curled up on the couch looking at all the laundry that needed folding, or napping in my hibernacle*.

I wasn't interested in developing new recipes, or thinking about classes, or even trying to be inspired in my own cooking. Then I read an article about the 'blahs', and everything made sense! It wasn't me, it was FEBRUARY!

Well everyone, guess what? IT IS MARCH 1st. I was inspired to write this blog ( good first step), and our new classes schedule will be out by the weekend, AND we will be introducing some new blends.

Have a wonderful day.

*a winter retreat; winter quarters