Can I use Oil instead of Butter to make a ROUX?

neil bougourd | 22 January, 2023

What is ROUX?

It is a mixture of fat and flour that can be used to thicken sauces. You start by using equal parts fat/flour by weight. You melt the fat and whisk in the flour and blend until smooth. You continue cooking until you have either a white, blond, or brown ROUX

Can I use oil instead of butter when making a roux?


All you need to make a roux is fat and flour. Choose your fat based on personal preference and intended use—butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, bacon grease and lard are all appropriate options.

If you intend to use the roux for a rich, complexly flavoured dish, then using something other than butter is fine. If you are making a traditional cheese sauce, then a buttery olive oil (or butter) would be best.

White Roux (2-3 mins)– Neutral in flavour and used to thicken sauces, and soups like chowder.

Blond Roux  (3-5 mins)– A little nutty and great for macaroni and cheese, or a béchamel sauce. 

Brown Roux (6-8 mins)– Used to make gravies. It is also used in Creole or Cajun dished like jambalaya and gumbo.