The 6 FALL must have SPICE BLENDS

neil bougourd | 18 September, 2021


This is a traditional North African & Middle Eastern mixture. It is fragrant and complex. With all the deep and strong flavoured spices in this mix, the blend has quite a powerful punch. This blend is also known as Arabic 7 spice.

SUGGESTED USES: It is wonderful with root vegetables, Moroccan lamb stews, and as a rub for lamb, beef, chicken, fish and eggplant. 

Italian Herbs

This is The Spice Trader's unique blend of Italian herbs, designed to bring the perfect balance to your Italian dishes. The aromatic garlic is mixed with the strong rosemary and basil, and everything is rounded out with thyme and oregano for some light citrus notes.

SUGGESTED USES: It is the perfect addition to a tomato sauce, roasted vegetables and white bean soup.

Rose Harissa

The Spice Trader Rose Harissa is a dry blend of chilis and spices. The addition of the rose petals adds a balancing floral note. It has some citrus notes and rich spices notes as well. The heat comes from  the aleppo pepper, ancho and some smoky chipotle chilli. Having a medium heat allows all the amazing flavours to come through.

SUGGESTED USES:You may use it dry to sprinkle in soups and on meat before cooking, or make it into a paste and use it as a condiment at the tables with a roast chicken or beef.


A French take on a Indian curry blend. This provocative blend incorporates toasted onion, shallots and garlic to achieve a wonderful sweetness and traditional curry ingredients like cardamom and curry leaves for that beautiful Southern Indian curry fragrance.

SUGGESTED USES:This blend works well with all vegetables, especially cauliflower and is a favourite of ours with chicken tray bake. 


This is an Ethiopian inspired blend. It is one of my absolute must haves and easily one of my favourites. It has a lovely warm earthy tone with a subtle, rich heat. Traditionally, Berbere is extremely spicy, but we leave the heat level of your dishes to you - we've just added a touch.

SUGGESTED USES: Try it in soups, any stews or simply sprinkled over freshly roasted chickpeas or as a rub before roasting anything.

Baking Spice

This blend is a traditional British recipe, and is also sometimes referred to as 'Mixed Spice'. It is also called ‘Pudding Spice’ and is essentially a blend of the most common baking spices pre-mixed.

SUGGESTED USES: This blend is ideal for apple pies and morning smoothies! It can also be used to make ginger bread, cookies and all kinds of cakes. If you add a little more cinnamon, it makes a great pumpkin pie spice; if you add a little more ginger, then it makes a great ginger bread spice!