The Good Guest Checklist:

neil bougourd | 23 July, 2023


  1. You have received a lovely invitation  Check
  2. You sent your RSVP Check
  3. You need to get a hostess gift.... 
Anyone can bring a bottle of wine - and truth be told, it is a great standby. It is always better to show up with something than nothing.
But a thoughtful, personal gift really takes your gifting to the next level. Below you will find some options to add to your drink of choice, or as an alternative:

For the Cottage Invite:
A spice collection
We have collections of 4 spices or 8 spices - Our BBQ Box is very popular

For the Backyard BBQ:
 Some olives 
These black cured French oliveswith herbs de provence are amazing.

For the House Warming:
Special Salt
We have just received a Nova Scotian Sea Saltblended with a seaweed known as Sea Truffle - it tastes like an Italian truffle.

For the Formal Dinner Party:
A delicious olive oil
Our Sicilian cerasuola olive oil is green, fresh, and perfect for tomatoes.

Etiquette Tips

  • If you opt for a bouquet of flowers , then send them ahead of your arrival to give the host time to cut and place them in a vase.
  • If you opt for alcohol, then sparkling or champagne are the best options.