Green Peppercorns


GREEN PEPPERCORNS are the same berry as black pepper. Both are picked when unripe and green in colour. Unlike the black pepper berries that are left to dry in the sun, green peppercorns are dried in a manner that retains the green colour, such as freeze-drying. They have a light floral flavor and aroma, with a faint pepper taste with more pine notes and an light heat that quickly fades. 

SUGGESTED USES: The flavour of Green Peppercorns is particularly pleasant in gravies and sauces for poultry, red meats and seafood. Rich foods such as duck, pork and game are particularly enhanced by the use of green pepper. An must for classic Steak au Poivre.

RECIPE: Salmon with Green Peppercorns & Juniper Recipe

Net Weight - Whole 28g