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4 Cottage Essentials


Sometimes you just need flavour to take a simple meal to delicious!

Here are 4 salt free spices that cover all the bases:

BBQ 2006 - great for all barbecue needs. It works well with fish, meat, veggies...

Madras Curry - This can be used with lime on grilled corn, or mixed into a mayo for a fabulous dip. Easy to make a simple coconut curry, or bbq drumsticks.

Mexican Mix - These flavours can be mixed with ANYTHING: scrambled eggs, fish, beef, chicken, tacos, fajitas... put it in a corn salad.

Italian Seasoning - easy pasta supper, great in a salad dressing, wonderful on grilled tomatoes and anything you can imagine.

Please note that you should add salt if using as a rub to bbq!