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Our Smoked Paprika comes from La Vera, Spain, which produces some of the worlds finest paprikas. Smoked Paprika from La Vera is slowly smoked and dried over oak-burning fires, We offer both HOT and SWEET varieties, Smoked Paprika has become very popular and adds a distinct deep smoky flavour to many dishes.

RECIPES:   Paella with Rabbit and Chorizo Sausage (SWEET SMOKED PAPRIKA) - 
Smoked Paprika & Parsnip Soup (HOT or SWEET SMOKED PAPRIKA)  -  Popcorn - 5 Twists on a Classic! (HOT SMOKED PAPRIKA)


SUGGESTED USES: HOT SMOKED PAPRIKA and SWEET SMOKED PAPRIKA are both great substitutes for bacon in pea soup, and also make an amazing dip with mayonnaise. SMOKED PAPRIKA adds a distinct flavour to chili and other soups and stews and can be used as a very simple rub for barbecuing chicken.

Net Weight - Powder 60g