ROSE HARISSA is a North African blend. It most often comes in paste form, and is used in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. Used by UK chef YOTAM OTTOLENGHI in his latest cookbook SIMPLE.  The Spice Trader Rose Harissa is a dry blend of chilis and spices. The addition of the rose petals adds a balancing floral note. It has some citrus notes and rich spices notes as well. The heat comes from  aleppo pepper, ancho and some smoky chipotle chili. Having a medium heat allows all the amazing flavours to come through. 

PASTE: Use olive oil 1/1 to start. You can add more oil if it is too thick. I sometimes add fresh garlic and some lemon juice!

INGREDIENTS: Aleppo pepper, ancho chili, chipotle chili, cumin, garlic, caraway, rose petals, citric acid.


Shakshuka with Rose Harissa

Rose Harissa & Hibiscus Sugar Popcorn

Rose Harissa Mayonnaise : 1/2 cup Mayonnaise mixed with 1 tsp rose harissa.

WEIGHT - 55g