DAY 24 - ADVENT 2022

neil bougourd | 23 December, 2022

VANILLA BEANS  -Tahitensis vanilla is rarer than the Madagascar variety and is infinitely more versatile, providing the best option for baking and making vanilla extract and powders.They have since been transplanted to various regions of the world. However, Mexico is the only place that has an insect that pollinates the vanilla plant. In other places in the world, Vanilla has to be hand pollinated, which adds to its price and mystique. OURS ARE FROM INDONESIA

The VANILLA BEAN only gets its flavour after it is dried; before drying, it looks like a long, thick green bean. Vanilla can be used in baking and in desserts, but is equally interesting in savoury cooking. These beans have a sweet floral aroma, with flavours of fruit for you to enjoy.

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